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Maria Owings Shriver *6.11.1955
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All relatives of Maria Owings Shriver *6.11.1955


father: Robert Sargent Shriver, Jr. *9.11.1915
mother: Eunice Mary Kennedy Shriver *10.7.1921
partner: Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger *30.7.1947
Daughter: Katherine Eunice Schwarzenegger *13.12.1989
Daughter: Christina Maria Aurelia Schwarzenegger *23.7.1991
Son: Patrick Arnold Schwarzenegger *18.9.1993
Son: Christopher Sargent Schwarzenegger *27.9.1997
brother: Timothy Perry Shriver *29.8.1957
brother: Mark Kennedy Shriver *17.2.1964
brother: Robert Sargent Shriver III *28.4.1954
brother: Anthony Paul Kennedy Shriver *20.7.1965

More Relatives:

uncle: John Fitzgerald Kennedy *29.5.1917
uncle: Joseph Patrick Kennedy *25.7.1915
uncle: Robert Francis Kennedy *20.11.1925
uncle: Edward Moore Kennedy *22.2.1932
aunt: Patricia Kennedy *6.5.1924
aunt: Jean Ann Kennedy Smith *20.2.1928
aunt: Kathleen Agnes Kennedy Cavendish *20.2.1920
aunt: Rose Marie Kennedy *13.9.1918
cousin: Joseph Patrick Kennedy II *24.9.1952
cousin: Robert Francis Kennedy, Jr. *17.1.1954
cousin: Christopher Kennedy Lawford *29.3.1955
cousin: David Anthony Kennedy *15.6.1955
cousin: Sydney Lawford *25.8.1956
cousin: Stephen Smith Jr. *1957
cousin: Michael LeMoyne Kennedy *27.2.1958
cousin: William Kennedy Smith *4.9.1960
cousin: John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Jr. *25.11.1960
cousin: Robin Lawford *2.7.1961
cousin: Edward Moore Kennedy Jr. *29.9.1961
cousin: Christopher George Kennedy *4.7.1963
cousin: Patrick Bouvier Kennedy *7.8.1963
cousin: Matthew Maxwell Taylor Kennedy *11.1.1965
cousin: Douglas Harriman Kennedy *24.3.1967
cousin: Patrick Joseph Kennedy *14.7.1967
cousin: Kathleen Kennedy Townsend *4.7.1951
cousin: Arabella Kennedy *23.8.1956
cousin: Mary Courtney Kennedy Hill *9.9.1956
cousin: Caroline Kennedy *27.11.1957
cousin: Victoria Lawford *4.11.1958
cousin: Mary Kerry Kennedy *8.9.1959
cousin: Kara Allen Kennedy *27.2.1960
cousin: Amanda Mary Smith *1967
cousin: Rory Elizabeth Katherine Kennedy *12.12.1968
cousin: Kym Maria *1972

Relatives By Law:

Father By Law:
Mother By Law:


Joseph Sr. Patrick Kennedy *6.9.1888
Grandmother: Rose Elizabeth Fitzgerald Kennedy *22.7.1890



kindship by degree:

1. degree
      Robert Sargent Shriver, Jr. *9.11.1915
      Patrick Arnold Schwarzenegger *18.9.1993
      Christopher Sargent Schwarzenegger *27.9.1997
      Eunice Mary Kennedy Shriver *10.7.1921
      Katherine Eunice Schwarzenegger *13.12.1989
      Christina Maria Aurelia Schwarzenegger *23.7.1991

2. degree
      Joseph Sr. Patrick Kennedy *6.9.1888
      Robert Sargent Shriver III *28.4.1954
      Timothy Perry Shriver *29.8.1957
      Mark Kennedy Shriver *17.2.1964
      Anthony Paul Kennedy Shriver *20.7.1965
      Rose Elizabeth Fitzgerald Kennedy *22.7.1890

3. degree
      Joseph Patrick Kennedy *25.7.1915
      John Fitzgerald Kennedy *29.5.1917
      Robert Francis Kennedy *20.11.1925
      Edward Moore Kennedy *22.2.1932
      Rose Marie Kennedy *13.9.1918
      Kathleen Agnes Kennedy Cavendish *20.2.1920
      Patricia Kennedy *6.5.1924
      Jean Ann Kennedy Smith *20.2.1928

4. degree
      Joseph Patrick Kennedy II *24.9.1952
      Robert Francis Kennedy, Jr. *17.1.1954
      Christopher Kennedy Lawford *29.3.1955
      David Anthony Kennedy *15.6.1955
      Sydney Lawford *25.8.1956
      Stephen Smith Jr. *1957
      Michael LeMoyne Kennedy *27.2.1958
      William Kennedy Smith *4.9.1960
      John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Jr. *25.11.1960
      Robin Lawford *2.7.1961
      Edward Moore Kennedy Jr. *29.9.1961
      Christopher George Kennedy *4.7.1963
      Patrick Bouvier Kennedy *7.8.1963
      Matthew Maxwell Taylor Kennedy *11.1.1965
      Douglas Harriman Kennedy *24.3.1967
      Patrick Joseph Kennedy *14.7.1967
      Kathleen Kennedy Townsend *4.7.1951
      Arabella Kennedy *23.8.1956
      Mary Courtney Kennedy Hill *9.9.1956
      Caroline Kennedy *27.11.1957
      Victoria Lawford *4.11.1958
      Mary Kerry Kennedy *8.9.1959
      Kara Allen Kennedy *27.2.1960
      Amanda Mary Smith *1967
      Rory Elizabeth Katherine Kennedy *12.12.1968
      Kym Maria *1972

5. degree
      Michael LeMoyne Kennedy Jr. *9.1.1983
      Robert Francis Kennedy III *1984
      Kyle Francis Kennedy *6.7.1984
      Rory Gifford Kennedy *14.10.1987
      Christopher George Kennedy Jr. *15.6.1992
      John Bouvier Kennedy Schlossberg *1993
      Matthew Maxwell Taylor Kennedy, Jr. *18.9.1993
      Conor Richardson Kennedy *1994
      William Finbar Kennedy *1997
      Edward Moore Kennedy III *25.2.1998
      Noah Isabella Rose Kennedy *9.7.1998
      Aidan Vieques Kennedy *2001
      Zachary Corkland Kennedy-Bailey *16.7.2007
      Mary McCauley *24.3.1967
      Rose Kennedy Schlossberg *1988
      Kathleen Alexandra Kennedy *1988
      Tatiana Celia Kennedy Schlossberg *1990
      Katherine Berner Kennedy *4.11.1990
      Kiley Elizabeth Kennedy *7.8.1994
      Sarah Louise Kennedy *26.9.1994
      Caroline Summer Rose Kennedy *29.12.1994
      Kyra LeMoyne *1995
      Cara Ethel Kennedy Cuomo *11.1.1995
      Mariah Matilda Kennedy Cuomo *11.1.1995
      Saoirse Hill *22.5.1997
      Michaela Andrea Kennedy Cuomo *26.8.1997
      Clare Rose Kennedy *3.11.1998
      Riley Elizabeth Kennedy *26.8.1999
      Georgia Elizabeth Kennedy-Bailey *9.2002
      Rowen Francis Kennedy *6.2004
      Bridget Katherine Kennedy-Bailey *7.2004